Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie theme from 1990’s


Man, I love this movie. I couldn’t find the composition anywhere so I had to rip the audio from the movie and do some trickery to get it to bring it out from the voice overs.

This opening scene got me so giddy when it first came out. Actually I’m still giddy about this entire movie.

Ken Theme Street Fighter Cover


Love this this theme, and Ken has been my favorite since I first started playing Street Fighter 2 at the arcade and at home on SNES.

My older brother used to beat me up every time I’d win against him, now we’re covering theme songs together. How poetic.

Epic Skater Halloween Update!

Epic Skater Halloween Update
Play as a Zombie in the latest version of Epic Skater
  • NEW SKATER! Trick or treat as a Zombie!
  • REPLAYS! Share your best runs and brag to your friends.
  • Fixed a crash when using multiple fingers at once.
  • More outfits coming soon!
  • Visit Epic Skater on the Apple App Store and Google Play to view the update.

    Dummy’s guide to wiring your home internet. The alternative to home WiFi for under $10

    I have a wireless router and it functions just fine, but I need to get the most out of my internet’s potential bandwidth, and WiFi just won’t cut it especially when transferring large files to-and-from FTP’s or playing First Person Shooters on a consistent basis.

    I’ve heard of a lot of cases where someone’s wireless router is too far from their laptop, XBox360, or PS3 to get good WiFi reception. Instead of calling an electricion, drilling holes, trying to manage with Wifi extenders, or just waving your laptop around in the air to get better reception, I always give them this list of items to get off of Amazon to remind them that wired internet is insanely better and still an option.

    Here’s what you need to run a cable across your home.

    • Run your new 100 ft cable across the house, and into your gaming console or PC.
    • Use a hammer to mount your clips and ethernet cable up walls, along the ceiling, floor, door frames etc. to keep things tidy, and prevent people from tripping over cords on the floor.


    Depending on your situation.. You also might need:

    • A hammer to nail clips into the wall – 8-oz. Tubular Steel Claw Hammer
    • Another small cable or two – Ethernet Cable, CAT5e – 25 ft White
    • Cable extender (in case 100 ft isn’t enough) – RJ45 Coupler F-F Straight
    • A Router – Cisco-Linksys WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router
    • A Hub – NETGEAR FS605NA 5-Port Fast Ethernet Switch
      • A Hub will let you split the signal once again into 4. So if you have multiple devices across the house, you can run your 1 long cable into the hub, and plug everything else into it to prevent having to mount a ton of cords across your home.

      Here’s how my cable flow goes.

      • Cable modem in living room
      • 5 ft. ethernet cable from Cable Modem to Router IN
      • Three 5ft. ethernet cables from Router OUT to PS3, Macbook, and PC
      • One 100 ft ethernet cable from Router OUT, across house and IN to a HUB
      • Four 5 ft ethernet cables OUT from HUB and IN to Xbox360, Mac Pro, and PC.
      • The router also supports WiFi for laptops, iPads, and mobile devices around the house so I can be disconnected if I want.

      Hopefully this helps someone.

      I know I’ve had to gather these links for a few people, and it’ll be nice to just give them this post instead.