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Free Demo

I thrive on writing drums for new music, and especially for people who will appreciate it.

I realize that putting the drums in the hands of someone you've never met before can be difficult, so that's why I'm committed to showing you how much I could help.

Each new client will get their first demo track for FREE!

If you end up using any of my demo tracks to sell on your record, that is totally fine. All i ask is to give credit where it is due!

If you enjoyed the demo, hopefully you will be happy to come to me whenever you or your friends need drum tracks!

Here's an example of what a Free Demo sounds like:

A demo for a project Kyle Johnson of MoonTech Studios.

The 5 steps to drum tracks for your song

Send me a message or IM via the contact page.

Send your track(s) to me via e-mail, private FTP, or IM client, so we can discuss your project.

I record you a free demo with no strings attached.

I send you my drum track, and you can inform me of any changes until it is perfect for you.

You get an MP3 of the completed demo kit track embedded in your mix.

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